Mobile Billboard Advertising

A quickly expanding niche of billboard advertising is mobile billboards. Mobile billboard advertising has risen steeply depite of the hike in fuel prices. This serves as a testament to the marketing muscle going mobile offers. In addition, this type can be more affordable than many other billboard advertising. Advertisers can expect to pay between 40-75% of what a larger, static billboard runs.

More than a few types of mobile advertising are effective, and commonly used. The most widespread forms of mobile billboards include the use of:

  • Billboards Trucks
  • Car Billboards
  • Bus Billboards
  • Aerial Advertising
  • Mobile Scooter Billboard Trailer
  • Bike Billboards
  • Segway Chariot Billboards

Each of the mobile billboards has its own unique advantages depending on the requirements. In point, the mobile scooter billboard trailer has helped many local companies quickly recruit customers by featuring an affordable & flexible design that is suited for anytime and anywhere..