Digital Billboards

Some of the most appealing and crowd pleasing techniques to direct marketing attention are digital billboards, available as a static image, semi-animated, and fully animated digital movie. The biggest advantage going for the digital billboard is that it combines high performance with outstanding mobility and presents a great opportunity to get creative. Premium digital billboards with substantial billboard lighting control can deliver high resolution graphics to large volumes of people. It's post modern advertising and marketing methods add novelty, and is the choice for large, technology based corporations worldwide.

Something unforgettable is the light sensor billboard, an interactive billboard lighting control system that reacts as it senses changes in light patterns, or motion. It is one of the most sophisticated methods of modern advertising presently on the market and a great way to advertise digitally with billboards.

Digital Billboard Advertising Costs

Many advertisers believe the cost of digital billboards to be astounding when compared to more traditional billbord advertising such as vinyl signs and 30 sheet poster. Advertising on an electronic billboard costs more than regular billboards because they attract attention. In addition, the lighting bills can also be high, which is why many digital billboard platforms rotate ads frequently. It is not uncommon to find 4-8 advertisers per electronic sign. The good news is that the cost of digital billboards includes a one time graphic design fee which can be reused over and over, whereas vinyl billboards need to be replaced frequently. As more and more structures are erected, digital billboards cost will decline.