Car Billboards

While billboard trucks can be considered large billboards on wheels, car billboards include trucks such as SUV's, pick-up, and passenger cars. An interested variation of mobile billboards is that anyone that owns a personal vehicle owns a potential car billboard.

Ordinary people have turned their vehicles into car billboard, printing service announcements to fight the increased gas prices of recent. Incentives like ones that took place in Los Angeles in 2008 offered citizens the chance to earn $500 a month plus free gas for transforming their car into a billboard advertising. Other happenings that have taking place is an employer agreeing to pay for employee gas expenses if they agree to drive with a large billboard laminated on their car.

Billboard Advertising on Cars

Otherwise know as a bumper sticker, can be classified as a miniature car billboard. While recent trends show a sharp decline in car stickers like this, they add novelty and can be a fun way of alternating billboard sizes.