Premium Billboard Signs

Our company specializes in billboard design, large format printing for billboards, and placement of billboard signs in desired locations.

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Standard Billboard Sign Sizes

  • Bulletin
  • 30 Sheet Poster
  • 8 Sheet Poster

The specifications of your billboard ultimately depend upon the purpose of your ad. Aiming your message at the right market requires selecting the signage that will cover the largest portion of demographics most beneficial to you.


Known for its physical prominence, high density placement, and effective graphics, the bulletin is the largest billboard size most often available near major highways, expressways, and main artery roadways.

  • 14'H x 48'W   Permanent
  • 10'6H x 36'W   Rotary
  • 10'H x 40'W
  • 20'H x 60'W

Our services include production of bulletins to fit any size billboard structure, however these standard sizes cover more than 90% of signs currently on the market.

  • Branding
  • Political Campaigns
  • Directional
  • Geo-Demographic Coverage
  • High Density Exposure
  • Frequent Exposure
  • High Visibility

Permanent Bulletins

Permanent bulletin ads remain at a fixed location and are contracted for a period of 6 months and longer, with lower rates for longer agreements. The high quality signs we produce are capable of withstanding over two years of conditions before showing signs of fading, so bulletins only require a one-time production cost for ads which run shorter than the life of the sign.

Rotary Bulletins

Rotary, or rotating bulletins are physically moved according to an approved campaign schedule. A typical rotary ad runs for a period of 30 to 60 days before changing locations in order to cover a large, targeted area.

Bulletin Billboard Extensions

Extensions increase the impact of bulletins by enhancing the visual parameters which standard sized billboards offer. Cutout to extend no more than 2' to 5' beyond the basic shape of the structure, an extension provides room for additional creativity and customization.

30 Sheet Poster

  • 14'H x 48'W   Permanent
  • 10'6H x 36'W   Rotary
  • 10'H x 40'W
  • 20'H x 60'W
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